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We understand that a child's development and behavior happen first and foremost in the context of the family. We seek to understand the development of the child through the family's eyes so as to learn the effect these difficulties have on the entire family. We work closely with the schools, preschools, and other agencies involved with the child's developmental care and education so as to help advocate for your child's needs.

We strongly feel that a team approach is the best way to accomplish our goals of helping children to be healthy, happy and successful. The evaluation is usually conducted by a team of people including a developmental pediatrician and medical social worker. We feel that a team approach enables us to better address questions in all areas of your child's development, growth, medical needs, medication management as well as community services and resources. In addition, working as a team helps us between visits to coordinate with other specialists including doctors, therapists and schools as needed.

If you are a concerned parent and you would like to discuss the concerns you have about your child's development, behavior, learning style, or you have a child who has a diagnosed developmental disability and would like to have a second opinion, please feel free to contact
Jessica Williams, our Practice Manager, at (404)303-7247 or jwilliams@dpsatlanta.org
and she will be happy to help you.

NEW ADDRESS as of SEPTEMBER 29 2014 : 750 Hammond Drive Building 1 Suite 100 Atlanta, GA 30328

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