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Developmental Pediatric Specialists
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Welcome to Developmental Pediatric Specialists

Developmental Pediatric Specialists is a small, intimate, private practice for children and families with developmental concerns, conditions and disabilities.

The philosophy of the practice is holistic, interdisciplinary and personalized, providing consultation, evaluation, monitoring, management, coordination and treatment for the child in the context of the family and the community.

We provide evaluations of infants and children to improve understanding of their development and behavior to determine what they need in order to make sure they will reach their full potential and become successful socially and academically. We continue to see the children on a regular basis and provide guidance and assistance where and when necessary. Most importantly, we like to watch them grow, develop and make progress.

"A child does not live in isolation and, often, the long-term difficulties that children face require a thoughtful, comprehensive, coordinated and continuous approach that is family centered and community based."

- I. Leslie Rubin, MD.

Who Do We See?

Parents who have concerns about their child's development, learning or behavior

Infants and children who have a delay in speech development with unusual patterns of behavior where the diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Condition is considered

Infants born extremely premature who have recovered from their medical problems and now questions of development and learning emerge

Infants and children who have congenital anomalies or 'syndromes' and may not be developing as well as their siblings or peers

Children with complex medical and developmental problems who need coordination of care

School age children who are having difficulties with learning or behavior

NEW ADDRESS as of SEPTEMBER 29 2014 : 750 Hammond Drive Building 1 Suite 100 Atlanta, GA 30328

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